Daniel Hershberger authored 'Bitcoin is Better' to help hardworking people ask better questions about money. Motivated by his faith and family, Daniel champions Bitcoin's ability to end inflation and bring to light the true value of honest work.

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    Jake Oswald grew up on a cattle operation in rural Iowa where he learned the value of land from local farmers: "God ain't making any more of it!" Today, Jake works as a tech consultant and entrepreneur and is passionate about empowering rural Americans with "digital land."

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    Joe Wood is a licensed CPA with 15 years of experience in audit, financial reporting, operations, and tax. A passionate bitcoiner, he started Satoshi Pacioli Accounting in 2022 with the goal to use his years of accounting experience to help bitcoin companies push progress forward.

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    Eveline Meidt works at North Risk Partners as a Risk Advisor, helping business owners mitigate risk and reduce employee benefits costs. At BIB, she's focused on helping the team connect with and support owners and associations who are incorporating bitcoin strategies.

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    Luke Broyles is a student of history, filmmaker, and outspoken advocate for Bitcoin adoption. He works at The Bitcoin Adviser where he helps clients buy and secure bitcoin via multi-signature vaults with inheritance plans.

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    Mike Hatch is an executive business coach who is passionate about the redemptive potential of Bitcoin. He's also a pastor-at-large, business owner/entrepreneur, author, and podcast host. Mike lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife of 20 years and their teenage son.

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    Josh Friedeman hosts The Business Bitcoinization Show focused on Bitcoin adoption in businesses. He is also involved in his local Bitcoin meetup in Jackson, MS, and is the Head of Sales at Slice, an ad tech start up that helps users earn bitcoin for viewing ads as they browse the internet.

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    Dan Sherman serves as the National Campus Strategy Director for Power to Change - Students in Canada. He is the co-author of the forthcoming book, The Gospel According to Bitcoin, which helps explain Christianity in Bitcoin terms.

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    Dr. Emma Apatu, DrPH, MPH, is an enthusiastic Bitcoin advocate and the founder of Dream Grad Academy, an educational start-up that aims to empower the working class through Bitcoin education and one-on-one coaching services, with a focus on women. She brings over a decade's worth of experience as an academic administrator, instructor, interdisciplinary researcher in public health, and current part-time faculty member at McMaster University.

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    Ross Robinson is a practicing attorney. As a seasoned Bitcoin advocate, Ross champions Bitcoin as a tool for economic justice and a breakthrough technology for building a system of superior property rights for all.

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