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Did you know paper money is designed to buy less over time?

Since 2000, The Federal Reserve has increased the dollar supply by 362%.

This abundance means your life savings are being printed away.

First things first, the name of the Federal Reserve is misleading. 

The Federal Reserve is not part of the federal government nor does it have to hold reserves to back the new dollars it creates!

This powerful secretive organization from the famous book called The Creature from Jekyll Island is nothing more than a group of private banks.

Each of these big banks hold licenses to create new money to cover their loans through a corrupted system known as fractional reserve banking.

Bottom line, debt creation is how new dollars are created by these big banks.

Since bankers make money by funding new loans with new dollars that are created from nothing, it's no surprise the U.S. debt levels are now unsustainable.

According to Nerd Wallet an American household now has $155,622 in total debt.

When you include the U.S. National Debt, it's even worse. 

Each American owes over $601,490 in total debt liabilities!

That's over $1 million dollars of debt liability per household! 

Don't worry, that debt is secured by a U.S. median income of $35,886.

We need a new monetary system designed for saving.  Bitcoin is that system.


Bitcoin is a savings account not an investment.

With bitcoin, new bitcoins are created on a pre-programmed inflation schedule by whichever miner (a.k.a. computer) guesses a number first. 

This process is called proof-of-work because it requires an immense amount of electricity and computing power for the computer to play this guessing game.

The real moral innovation here is that new Bitcoins are created through the cheapest computing power instead of debt creation. 

Bitcoin flips economic incentives from debt creation to rewards for saving.


Many critics have pointed out that Bitcoin can't become a medium of exchange due to its wild fluctuations in price and slow transaction speeds, but there are many reasons why Bitcoin is already being used as better money today:

  • SCARCITY:  With a maximum supply of 21 million coins, Bitcoin is the most scarce asset in the universe. Bitcoin is the only asset where supply is not impacted by demand, so your purchasing power grows with demand.

  • SPEED:  The Lightning Network can handle 1,000,000 peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions per second. This layer 2 solution allows for Bitcoin transactions to happen off-chain, almost instantly with nearly zero fees.
  • SAVINGS:  Bitcoin is deflationary money in that it's new supply rate is cut in half every 210,000 blocks (~4 years).  This programatic inflation schedule has protected Bitcoin savers from any losses after 4 years of saving.

The fact that Bitcoins are mathematically scarce makes each Bitcoin more valuable than any other type of asset.  For context, there will never be enough Bitcoins for every millionaire on earth to own just 0.3 Bitcoin. 


Investments should be hard and saving money should be easy.

One of the overlooked consequences of inflation is that it forces wage earners to obsess over money and become risky investors just to keep their money. 

You have three options to beat inflation and keep your purchasing power.


The problem is that you quickly find out the world of stocks, real estate and crypto require a full-time commitment to be successful.

Even with hard work, you'll still probably lose your money.

Think about it.  You are competing against big fish investors who view retail investors like you as their "exit liquidity". 

This game is rigged like a high school football kicker matched up against the entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers team.  The rules were designed for you to lose. 

It's not your fault.  These professional investors have privileged access to cheap capital, professional staff and super computers.  You didn't stand a chance.


You're busy and your time is more valuable than a few bucks, so you pay a professional to manage your investments.

Then you learn about the Federal Reserve's M2 Money Supply chart which says real inflation of dollars is between 7-10% per year.

Ouch, you are paying a financial middleman and not even beating real inflation.


When you save money, it’s important to have control over your funds.

If you can only access your funds through an institution, then you really own an IOU from that institution.  You don't really own your money.

If a government or corporation can freeze or systematically devalue your money, then you don't really own your money.

Bitcoin restores the power of saving money by making it easy for anyone to store their wealth securely on a hardware wallet, without banks or governments getting involved.

The best part is that you don’t need to be rich and powerful to keep your money; anyone can save fractions of a Bitcoin.


So what is the solution? 

If you want to have a store of value for your economic energy that is beyond the reach of a corporation or a government and cannot be debased by any individual institution or nation state, then Bitcoin is your only option.

This is the first time in human history where you can own a piece of password-protected hard money secured by an independent bank in cyberspace.

As long as you trust math more than politicians and bankers (and this should be easy), then there's no reason not to save in Bitcoin today!

We are living in a time where governments are losing control of their currencies to Bitcoin.  There are 22 trillion dollars and only 21 million Bitcoin.  Save wisely.

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