Why Tomato Soup?

Campbell's Tomato Soup hasn't shrunk its packaging size or reduced its ingredients quality to hide inflation.

This makes tomato soup resistant to "shrinkflation" and "junkflation."

By converting US Median Personal Income into Tomato Soup Cans Earned Per Work Hour, we can track changes in middle-class purchasing power.

Better Question #1

Compared to 50 years ago, do middle-class Americans earn more or less cans of tomato soup per work hour?

Better Question #2

Industrial farming, robotics, and automation have made it much easier to manufacture a can of tomato soup than 50 years ago.

Why can't Americans afford more tomato soup?

Money Printer White Background

Money Supply Matters

From 1974 to 2024, debt creators printed 24x more US dollars. More money makes money less valuable. This means PRICES MUST RISE as new money is lent into existence.

The money supply of Bitcoin is known to be less than 21 million. This means PRICES MUST FALL as better technology makes it much easier to create a can of tomato soup.

Supply and Demand Balanced Scales

Why Bitcoin?

The proof is in the tomato soup:

  • US dollar price (2019 to now): $0.80 → $1.49 (+86%)
  • Bitcoin price (2019 to now): 11,156 satoshis → 2,370 satoshis (-79%)

Your cost of living gets more affordable when you save in bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a better middle-class savings account.

Better Question #3

I'm ready for a better savings account.

How do I start saving in bitcoin?

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