Video Editor

Job Title: Video Editor - Bitcoin Content

Job Type: Volunteer (10 hours per month)

Location: Remote


The Organization:

The mission of Bitcoin is Better is to empower middle-class families with Bitcoin. We are based in the United States and operate as 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on building a future of financial independence for middle-class families.

The Role:

  • Are you a video editing virtuoso with a knack for cutting and splicing content that captivates from the first frame? 
  • Does the mission of expanding Bitcoin’s reach to the middle class resonate with you? 

Bitcoin is Better is on the hunt for a Video Editor who’s eager to bring Bitcoin education to life through compelling video content.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Working closely with influential Bitcoin educators to edit and produce video content that makes complex Bitcoin concepts accessible and engaging to a broad audience.
  • Leveraging your video editing skills to craft narratives that not only inform but also inspire action and deeper exploration into the world of Bitcoin.
  • Dedicating up to 10 hours per month to transform raw footage into polished gems that shine a light on the potential of Bitcoin for the middle class.

Who You Are:

  • A Video Editing pro with a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to engage audiences and tell compelling stories.
  • Passionately committed to promoting Bitcoin and excited about the chance to make a significant impact through your editing skills.
  • Eager to dive deep into the Bitcoin space, with a keen interest in learning, networking, and carving out your niche within the industry.
  • In search of an opportunity to showcase your talent and contribute to a cause that aligns with your values and professional aspirations.

The Perks:

  • An unparalleled chance to connect with Bitcoin thought leaders, gaining valuable insights and mentorship that could elevate your career to new heights.
  • The opportunity to build an impressive Bitcoin-focused portfolio, showcasing your ability to produce high-quality video content that educates and engages.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your work plays a crucial role in advancing the adoption and understanding of Bitcoin among the middle class.

Ideal for:

  • Video editors and content creators who are ready to step into the Bitcoin industry and make their mark. This is your moment to blend your passion for video editing with your interest in Bitcoin, contributing to a movement that promises to redefine financial independence and empowerment for the middle class.

Ready to Cut Through the Noise?

If you’re excited about the prospect of leveraging your video editing skills to promote Bitcoin education and adoption, we’d love to hear from you. 

Join our team and become an integral part of the middle-class adoption movement at Bitcoin is Better. Together, we can create a future where Bitcoin is a cornerstone of financial empowerment for the middle class.